I realised I never really introduced myself to my MTS readers/followers. How rude of me. So I guess this is my belated introduction - one of them. I will definitely write about myself again; I just can't help it.

So, this is me.

I’m pretty much just an average 21 year old girl from England who’s decided to start writing a blog. Much like many people my age I’m trying to figure out my direction in life and this is the route I’ve chosen – writing.

I haven’t always known I wanted to write. It has only been the last couple of years where I’ve really discovered it’s what I’m good at. I remember I was always told I was good with words at school and my English teacher was always telling me I could be a good writer someday. Back then, I didn’t really care, but now thinking about those words pushes me to want to write and succeed. So this is where I’m at now, trying to break the writing world.

Photography is another one of my passions and hobbies and you’ll be able to look at some of what I’ve done by following the Facebook link in the sidebar. That hobby I picked up from my grandad. The dude loved a camera.

They’re my passions. But I’m also just a kid who loves tattoos, music and getting drunk. Most people define who they are by their name, age, sexuality, race, religion… which is fair enough if you want to know all that stuff. But to me, a person is defined by who and what they stand for; by their personal qualities. I’m not going to tell you all that information now, I hope you can see it yourself when you read my posts.

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