Okay, so, who am I writing this for? Of course, you would like to say everybody when you start writing a story but that is not the way that everything works. I have compiled a list of what I think my ideal reader would be like.

This is a paranormal romance but I am not aiming it at a young adult audience. This would be aiming towards a more adult audience but this would not be because of any sex or language involved in it. This would actually be due to the issues that are covered within the story. They include systematic abuse and even rape. I believe this would make it an adult book even though the main characters are teenagers.

Mind you, I believe the ideal reader would be about 20 and probably female. The place that they live is not really important but they probably do not come from the well-to-do background. They would not be wealthy because the main goal that they want by reading is escapism from the reality of day-to-day life.

Dreamweaver would help them to achieve this because it is in a world of fantasy and would make you think outside of the box. I would want people to become completely lost in the world that I am creating within dreams.

This would be my ideal reader.

Published by Angie Trafford