Friendship is an exchange- you exchange ideas, experiences, motivations, knowledge, inspiration etc. even mentors learn from their protégé and parents learn from their children.

Friendship is an exchange:

Sometime a go, I was pondering on what relationship has done to me; how much has the circle of influence I have always found myself contributed to who or what I have become today? Is there any relationship between my circle of influence and what my life emits? Everyone I have met in one way or the other has deposited something into my life. Whether intentionally or otherwise, the people we meet would deposit something into our lives. Though these deposits may be good or bad I say a big thanks to everyone I have met for crossing my path.

A Yoruba proverb says, “Twenty children cannot play together for twenty years”. This explains why we need to do our best to ensure that whatever time we spend with people that come our way is memorable and of  good quality. No matter how short the time people spend with you, ensure that you pass something of value across to them. Let people always thank God that they met you. Let them be grateful to God for creating you and bringing you their ways. Be a blessing to people that come your way. Be a solution to someone’s problem. Be a part of somebody’s success story.

Let’s try as much as possible to ensure that we have something positive to learn or gain from every relationship/interaction, even if it is just a make them smile. I have had some ugly experiences with people, but the most important thing is that I have learned from those unpleasant experiences. It is very vital that we bear in mind that we cannot be a good friend to everybody.

My dear reader, any kind of relationship that is not adding value to you is not worth wasting your time on; be it a relationship with the same sex or the opposite sex, if such friendship is draining you and not adding value to you, pullout!

 Take note of the following nuggets about friendship or any kind of relationship:

  • Everyone has something to add to the other.
  • Everyone is comfortable in each other’s presence.
  • No one is too big to be corrected
  • No one is afraid to share his or her success secrets with the other.
  • We can count on each other’s loyalty even while “blind”
  • No (positive) sacrifice is too much to make for each other.
  • Each person’s success or failure is the responsibility of all.

Published by Adeniran Bamisaye