According to definition, a friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically  exclusive or sexual or family relations.

How can we know we are having good friends? This are the questions that you need to ask yourself.

1. How long have you guys being friend?

Personally, someone who has been friend with you longer are true friends. Let's say more than 5 years and you guys still contact each other and hangout sometimes. You don't really meet them everyday but still there is this invisible connection that keep you guys in touch.

2. How supportive are they?

A good friend is someone who keep supporting and doesn't judge you. Either you want to chase your dream or trying out something new and crazy, they will always be there behind you and they know you will do the same thing too.

3. Do you share your secrets?

A good friend is someone that you can trust. You believe in them and you share your secrets and they keep it. You told them some embarrassing or stupid things about yourself and will always tell them despite being laughed at.

4. Do they tell you things straight up?

A good friend is someone who doesn't hide the things that they wanted to say about you. If you did something wrong, they would just tell you immediately. 

5. Are you always caught up in drama?

A good friend will not involved you with stupid dramas. Being in a drama is something that no one should ever tolerate with especially when  you are already have your own commitment. A good friend will know that drama is a waste of time and tiring.

Personally for me, friendship sometimes work like magic. You knew someone few years ago and you were not even close. Now? They are like someone that you need everyday. Choose your friends wisely because they  will affect you.

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Published by Ally Mare