Let go of your Story…Who are you?

Let go of  your thoughts … see what stays.

Let go of your pain … see that you are still here.

Let go of the feeling of being hurt… see that you are safe.

Let go of your past … see that you still exist.

Forget about tomorrow…see that everything is fine.

Let go of who you assumed yourself to be.

Let go of your name…notice that you don’t disappear.

Let go of your titles, let go of your worries, let go of your routines, … see that you are free.

Forget about other people … Forget about yourself and notice that you are free.

Forget that you have a body …

Forget that you are a person…

Forget that you have a life …

Forget the one that  you are…

and yet … you still exist.

Let go of everything, stay untouchable, unreachable, stay beyond all of the things that come and go… stay beyond actions, beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond definitions, beyond feelings, beyond desires, beyond fears…

What is that … that still exists when everything else disappears?

What is that… that is infinite when everything as a beginning and  an end?

Silence your mind…open your heart, listen to your soul.

Who are you?

Feel and let go, sense but don’t attach, see but don’t define.

What stays?

When universe dies what remains?

Who are you?

Everything goes and yet you remain…

You infinitely remain…

Who are you?

Find yourself, that’s all you are seeking to find.

Love to you

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Published by Filipe Moleiro