We are who we are based on many reasons but one big influence is the person or persons you follow. This (or they) are completely influential to you, and safe to say, the one(s) you want to transform yourself into. The beliefs of this individual will become your own and soon enough, you'll start to act and even look like this individual. 

Whoever you follow, they must be beneficial to your future and not strongly conflicting to your personality. For example, I am a big fan of Kevin Hart, but his personality conflicts with mine. I can be goofy at times, and have my moments of comedic entertainment, but a portion of me likes my subtleness and reserved state of being. I don't see myself putting on a show to get a laugh or be in a constant state of humor. My seriousness at times is intense, but it has allowed me to gain the personal success and goals thus far.

Allow yourself to take an inventory, or a new inventory of individuals that may be the beacon of light for your personal life journey. Observe their values and messages, and actions especially, that you believe will help you transform to the best version of yourself. And if you were curious about the people I try to emulate my life, here are a few: Robert Downey Jr. for his undeniable state of confidence and charm, Steve Jobs for his intense focus and reality distortion to achieve impossible goals (and minus the crazy bipolar moods and coldness), and Jim Carrey for his ability to find humor in things and his immense belief in himself. 

Published by Bryan Agbayani