You asked me to write my feelings for you..

It sounded little crazy yet I nodded as its for you, my only you!!

Though the words look light in weight, the emotion it carry weigh in tons..

You may feel it common but still they portray how special you are to me...

My eyes caught you in the crowd not for the reason you are handsome but for the feeling that can hand me to you..

I haven't spend lots of time with you(In real) but I can't count the time I spent with you in my mind..

As per me, I always tried keeping you far away by my deeds but all the time I fail with results favoring my heart but not my mind!!

I always get lost in you and I am speechless when you ask me why??

May be I have no reason as its not a logic but love!!

A gentle and soft note at heart which brings a blush on buddy cheeks..

My face glows like a 1000W can-decent When I speak to you, and a light feel as like placed in space is registered deep down...

I can speak anything to you and dare to be myself with you..

I never need to watch my words!!

You are my strength and weakness..

At times, I feel like want more from you but followed by satisfaction of having you...

And I feel this is the best time to express not because you are good enough but I am strong enough to accept!

The cursing looks we exchanged, silly complaints we passed, healthy competitions, naughty acts speaks volumes of wonderful time spent!

My pen is on flow to draft more and more for you but my book marks to note your essence to me...

You are "EVERYTHING TO ME"!       

Published by Pranavya Mandapati