One of my favourite magazines is Flow Magazine. If you love taking things slowly, being mindful, and finding pleasure in the simplest of things, then this magazine is for you. I chanced upon issue 12 when I was searching for new magazines to read, and this one changed everything. Never have I got so much out of a magazine before, and one of the best things about issue 12 is that it features a section entitled '210 Questions to Ask Yourself'. The idea behind it is philosophy:

"Asking yourself questions is a good old philosophical tradition. It's the consideration - and the fact that one question may lead to another - that really counts."

For that reason, I am beginning a new series of articles that will exist as my answers to these 210 questions. I've already answered 17 of them on my blog, and will post them on here gradually, and continue them. Note that I might adapt some of them from the versions of my blog, because life changes all the time! So, here's the first:

Who do you get on with best?

The first person who comes to mind is my best friend, who I will refer to here as 'A'. I describe her as my ‘friendship soulmate’. I think that when you find love, it isn’t always in the romantic sense – but that you'll find a special someone who will be the one to make you believe that soulmates do exist. My friendship with A is what makes me believe that there are such things as soulmates and that they can be found in any relationship that is full of love and understanding.

She understands me, and I am comfortable around her. Our conversations flow from one subject to the next and range from subjects such as daily life, TV shows, politics, the future, and more personal matters. We inspire one another, we help one another out and we know no bounds of adventure. If we want to go and see a ballet (or three!) then we will. If we want to visit tea rooms or get up early to go shopping, we will.

I make sure that she knows how much I value her friendship, and how lucky we both are to be next-door neighbours!

The next person I think of is my mum. At home, it is just the two of us (and Molly the cat) so over the years we have naturally become closer and closer. There was a time (the dreaded teenage years) when I  was distant from my mum, but I’m proud to say that we hardly ever argue or fall out.

We work as a team and our lives would be empty without one another. We get on so well because of having grown so close. I know what makes her laugh, and she knows what makes me laugh. As long as we can both help one another to find joy every day, then we will be okay.

Think about those you get on with the most, consider the reasons why certain people pop into your mind when presented with this question. Then let them know how much you love and appreciate them, because trust me, you'll want these people around for life! 


Published by Jade Moore