An orthodontist is a dental doctor or a type of dentist who deals with a few types of dental care. Much like there are many subdivisions of doctors, orthodontist caters to a part of dentistry. The dental specialty of orthodontics is related to preventing, diagnosing and treating facial and dental issues. Many of these are limited to dental and facial orthopedic or orthodontic.

Orthodontists are qualified dentists who study for three more years after graduating dentistry. They are to gain high clinical experience with a residency program. American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) regulates the brand of orthodontics in the country. Doctors who are a member of the organization give you an assurance of having specialty learning in oral biology and biomechanics.

What does an orthodontist do?

Orthodontists primarily engage in balancing out misalignment of teeth and jaw. There can be plenty of issues related to this problem, for instance, speech defect, difficulty to chew food, having good oral hygiene. Below we give you a brief idea to understand what you can expect your orthodontist to do:

1.    Anteroposterior deviations

Anteroposterior deviations relate to underbite and overbite. An underbite is when your lower teeth line is seated further forward than the upper teeth line. Overbite is when your upper teeth line is seated further forward to lower teeth line. Both the conditions can lead to difficulty in chewing.

2.    Overcrowding

When there is no jawbone space, the adult teeth can’t erupt in alignment with the teeth that exists. The condition is known as overcrowding and is a common teeth problem. Orthodontists can realign teeth by using unobtrusive devices. There is also treatment option that they recommend according to your teeth condition.

3.    Aesthetic issues

There are cases where the structure of your entire face can be negatively impacted due to the malocclusions. These can also happen from a bad bite. An orthodontist helps you align the jaw and restructure your face. Your facial features like lips, teeth, and cheeks, fall under the treatment and give you back the lost smile.

When should to see an Orthodontist?

If you detect having crooked teeth, face-biting problems, and have an issue related to how your jaw and teeth are placed, you need to visit an orthodontist. You don’t need referrals to make an orthodontist. However, sometimes general dentists recommend you to meet an orthodontist as your case needs special attention.

Parents must note that according to American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO), you are recommended to take your child to an orthodontist by the age of seven. It is an appropriate age to know if your child needs braces or any other treatment to help their teeth grow in the right way. It is the best time to treat and correct the natural growth issues.

Other problems like persistent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting habits, mouth breathing, are common with children. You can visit an orthodontist for all these reasons and get a solution. Finally, note that a dentist and orthodontist are different and you need to know when to consult who.

Published by Kaushal Shah