He is another presidential candidate. These election season is very heated and we have seeing behaviors and listening to unprecedented statements that most likely do not honor the word President from one of the candidates, Mr. Donald Trump.  But my story is not about him.  I think that at this point we all know what he is about.

I was curious about Mr. Gary Johnson and I started to research to find out what he offers that is different from the other candidates. I am going to share some of his positions, the ones that caught my eye.  This is what I found, it is not the first time he bids for presidency, he did it in 2012.  Mr. Johnson is a former New Mexico governor and a libertarian.

In terms of Immigration he is against the bigger border fence, and the Arizona anti-immigrant law leading to racial profiling. He believes that if we open the borders a flood of Mexicans will improve our economy by paying taxes.

For Civil Rights he has mostly advocated for Gay Marriage, among other civil rights issues. He supports separation of Religion and State, gay unions, and legal prostitution. He believes woman has the right to choose, and thank you for that.

Now when it comes to gun control he supports gun ownership’s rights. He has not made any statement about Gun Violence Prevention.

I was about to pull my hair when I found out where he is stands about the environment. Mr. Johnson makes no compromise on clean air, and on cap-and-trade neither.  Unbelievable. That will be the most effective actions to start mitigating the effects of climate change.

This candidate is very interesting, he is against Obama care because according to him, it is increasing the health insurance costs. In 2011 he vetoed the raising of the minimum wage in his state. Precious!!!

The tip of the ice…, this gentleman believes in giving vouchers to private schools, and believes that The Department of Education is an unnecessary agency. He said that vouchers are as constitutional as pre-school and day-care, because competition between private and public schools will improve the quality of education. Very debatable, I am a public school educator.

So at the end of my research, I ended kind of disappointed and I believe curiosity met the cat with Mr. Gary Johnson.

This entry was posted on August 4, 2016.

Published by Maria Santiago- Valentín