Alright everyone, what is for dinner tonight and am I invited? Haha, only kidding. Although this post will be a fun little discussion, especially for those that love to cook, like myself. I have previously made a post asking what is everyone's go to breakfast meals? and that turned out to be a good way to get everyone talking and sharing recipes, etc, so this time I want to know what is everyone's go to dinner? more specifically are you one to cook every night, or do you prefer dining out? I know meal planning will be something someone may mention, which is a great point because I do it too, but I will speak on that in a separate blog post, for now let us keep it simple and yet fun! I will have bullet point questions for everyone to answer and feel free to ask me question as well, or to share recipes, pictures, videos, etc.. whatever you want about your dinner time meal. 



  1. What is your quickest recipe that you make for dinner?
  2. what is a family favorite meal?
  3. Are you one who prefers to cook or dine out? why?
  4. what is something you want to learn to make?
  5. do you use recipes offline for ideas or experiment in the kitchen?
  6. who is the better chef at your house?
  7. How do you decide what you are in the mood for when you cook?
  8. Do you or your family tend to cook more Italian, vegan, Chinese, American dishes or something else?
  9. How did you learn how to cook?
  10. Do you make enough for leftovers or just enough for the days meal?
Hopefully most of these questions can be answered by all of you. I enjoy cooking, and learning new recipes off Pinterest. LOL. (shh). For those of you who may want to know my answers to these questions:
  1. My quickest meal I have made for dinner was a wrap of some sorts
  2. I cook for myself these days, LOL since my partner lives out of state, I have yet to cook something that would be my favorite yet! LOL still figuring this out.
  3. I prefer to cook. I am not a fast food lover, although I do love trying to new pubs in other towns and venturing into different restaurants. 
  4. I want to learn to make a mean lasgana!mmmm!
  5. I use recipes offline but twist them into my own thing.
  6. I am the best chef! hahaha although if I was living with my mom, she would be a great chef :D
  7. I hardly ever come to terms with what I am in the mood for, it just depends on what I have in the fridge and how long it takes to cook it and if I have other plans going on. 
  8. I tend to cook more American food dishes.
  9. I pretty much taught myself with experimenting in the kitchen with different things
  10. I meal plan, so if I do have leftovers it works out fine. Normally I do make enough for leftovers.
Can't wait to hear some of your answers!!! 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo


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