We all have many inspirations in each stream that we indulge in, be it finance, education or even politics. Anyone in the field of business would have heard the name Craig Matthew Feigin as a name to look up to. Being an entrepreneur, at a young age of 30, he was in demand to be a part of many institutions.

Early life:

Craig Feigin was born and brought up in South Florida, where he spent most of his childhood. He traveled to Miami and then later to the Florida Keys. Soon, he joined the Florida International University and completed his Bachelors in Business Management and Economics. He completed this degree in the year 2009 and began his journey in the world of business.


Life after graduation:

Soon after his degree, he began trading of metal like gold and silver and also building strong contacts. He used this to obtain a real estate in the beautiful city of Miami. He provided residential rentals with this real estate and made a good amount of money. Thus, began his interest in investments.


His investments in real estate:

Apart from the residential estate he bagged from Miami, he also brought an innovative idea of renting yachts. Big-shots with lots of money looking for ways to spend it was intrigued by this idea and rented the "live abroad yachts". The success of these yachts filled his pockets and also increased his desire to succeed as an entrepreneur.

His investments in cryptocurrency:

Apart from real estate and innovative rental stays, he also had a keen understanding of the cryptocurrency market. He had a knack for understanding the trends and knowing where to invest. Over the years, he has developed his own strategies in the field of cryptocurrencies which are followed by many big investors. He learned and earned big through his smart investments in Bitcoins.

From there, he took up the profession of being a crypto-consultant. Many big investors hire him for advice over their Bitcoins. He loved what he was doing, and gained a lot of fame and money through it. He was well renowned and well in demand by his mid-30.

His marketing success:

Craig was known for his marketing skills in various departments. People from small to large companies wanted to hire him as a part of their team. He became a highly demanded advisor.

His principles were simple and thoughtful. He combined his tactics in business and his knowledge from his degree, and with a little bit of hard work and belief in himself, he jumped into the successful, elite world of investments and marketing.

He devised his own tactics which provided exceptionally magical outcomes which astonished all the markets. His talent in understanding the market was so deep that even those who were in the field much longer depended on his advice.

His experience with supernatural beings:

While it is a walk through candy-land when it comes to marketing, Craig has some exciting experience with supernatural elements as well. He claims to have been experimented on by the aliens one fine early morning. Even if we are doubtful of his alien sightings, we can be confident with his market predictions.

Apart from being a genius businessman, he was also a good human being with a great heart. He was charming and confident and believed in being himself. He had unique ideas and the strength to go forward with them. This is what makes him truly inspirational in his field.


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