Who is your best friend?   Is he/she is from school, work, your neighbor or your cousins. They might be the best person you think and you might have faith in them or you probably trust them more than yourself.
For me, I think of my best friend is something else....

    No, it's not mirror but your own self is your best friend.

    You can always trust yourself and share your personal life with you. No doubt that there are people to whom we called our friends and they are good persons. But they are not good with you as you can be good with yourself. 
     When I was about sixteen years old I often trust my friend more than I trust myself because I Thought they are good in doing different things but I realized that I should keep myself up and I should have confident in my character.
Most people don't have courage to trust themselves, so that they can do whatever they want. We blindly follow anyone who can lead us without thinking that we can choose our own path. We are always afraid of ending alone. All this is physiological terms but in reality you are the king of your own life.

    When we grow up how many of us have friends of childhood and how many will help us in difficult time. Believe me no one will help you, no one.
Your true friend is your self, your education, your knowledge, your manners, your character, and most important your parents. 

Why we count our parent as our best friends? Because no one will feel proud on your  success as your parents do and no one will become sad if you fail as your parent do. They raise us. They feed us. They educate us. Right? You might say that's what every parents do..... but I say that you will figured it out when you become a parent.

 I am writing this article doesn't mean I don't have any friends but it truly means I am my best friend.

So be happy, be courageous, be motivated, be good with yourself.




Zain Javaid.


Published by Zain Javaid