"And Abram believed in the Lord and the Lord counted it to him for Righteousness" (Gen 15:6)

I was watching GOD TV the other day and one of the more well known names in the christian world was on. He was telling his listeners how to gain victory and how to impress God by taking control over your mind. A brain surgeon was a guest on his show telling how our thoughts changed the chemistry of our brain, and how important it is to think the right thoughts and the word of God.

I subscribe to teachings of several different well known preachers to keep myself updated on what they are teaching their followers. One other well known preacher sent out a daily devotional the other day telling his followers not to be sin consciousness and never mentioned the word sin. According to him we already have the forgiveness of sin so our past, present and future sins are already taken care of.

I wonder what Abram would have said if he had been alive today and heard these two preachers. Judged by the bible I have good reason to believe Abram would claim they did not know his God, the God of the Bible.

Abraham became righteous not because he had the right thoughts, not because he knew how his brain was affected by thinking and speaking the word of God. He became righteous not because he never mentioned sin or thought about sin. He became righteous because he believed God, and thats all. He just believed God and that made him a righteous man. He did not follow a 12 step program, he did not buy the latest book on how to have victory in his life, he did not go to several different conferences trying to have preachers pray for him. He just believed God and that made him a righteous man.

The first preacher I mentioned from GOD TV would have agreed with me on this. He is what you might call a faith preacher always telling you the importance of having faith in the word of God. And yes he is right in a way. We need to have faith in Gods word because without faith its impossible to please God (Hebr 11:6). But what is it that Gods word actually says about faith?

The two preachers I mentioned in the beginning of todays teaching would have answered that Gods word tells us to believe God for His promises. And that is right, and its wrong at the same time. For the Bible also tells us that demons believe Gods word and they tremble of fear because of it. (James 2;19)

God is a Father (John 3:16) and He is not a complicated Father. He made us in His image, so if you are a parent it would be easy for you to understand what I am trying to say now. But let me help you a little bit by asking one question.

If you had the opportunity to do so, who would you give good gifts to? Your own children or the child down the street who is not your own child?

Of course your own children, they are your family, your own flesh and blood. So of course you would protect, provide for and take care of them first of all. And when you die you would make them the heirs of your house so they would inherit your wealth and have a good future.

God has made you in His own image. So if it is natural for you to prioritize your own children first it is natural that God prioritizes His children first.

In fact, the Bible says in Deut 28:1-13 that God ONLY blesses, provides for, heales, takes care of His own children.

So it is correct to have faith in Gods promises of healing and provision. But God will never give those promises to some who is not His child. So for a preacher to say you need to believe God for your healing would be the same as the child down the street knocking at your front door telling you he believed you to provide for him the way you would provide for your own children.

When somebody knocks at Gods front door and tells Him they have faith for Him to heal them, provide for them and guide them He first checks to see if that person is His child or not. If they are not His child He closes the door and refuses to give that person anything.

God only wants to bless, heal, provide for and guide His own children. So its obvious our faith should never be in the promises of God. It should be in our position as Gods children, and as a child of God all the rest comes naturally to us simply because we are His beloved children.

And this is where Abraham would agree with us. He became a child of God by grace through faith (Gen 15:6) and not because of something he did or did not do. Its the same thing with us today, we become a child of God by grace through faith (Gen 15:6, John 3:16)

Without faith its impossible to please God (Hebr 11:6) but this kind of faith is not faith in Gods promises of healing, deliverance and protection (Deut 28:1-13). It is not faith in what you have done or not done. It is faith in yourself as a sinner that has failed to live up to Gods standard the 10 commandments. It is faith in Jesus Christ Gods Son dying for your sins on a cross. It is faith in the fact that when Jesus died for your sins, you died with Him. It is faith in the fact that when Jesus was buried you where buried with Him and when He was raised to a new life, you where raised with Him. It is faith in you being dead, crucified with Christ, risen to a new life as a new man or a new woman because of the cross.

That is the kind of faith that will impress God (Hebr 11:6). That is the kind of faith that will make you righteous (Gen 15:6, John 3:16) and that is the kind of faith that will make you a beloved son or daughter of God. (John 3:16). But it is also the kind of faith that will make sure you can trust your Dad to provide for you everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need in this life. (Romans 8:32)

So make sure your faith is in what Jesus did for you and nothing else. Make sure your faith is in you being crucified with Christ, dead and arisen with Him to a new life.

For some of you this is hard to understand. Your analytical mind is trying hard to analyze this and make sense of this. But remember, when you where a child you did not understand everything. You might be 100 years old, but in the eyes of God, you are just a child and not supposed to understand everything. You are just supposed to trust Him and let Him take care of everything else.

So choose today to trust, choose to trust in the cross. I can guarantee you this is something you will not regret.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com