Who is your God? Christians are quick to respond and say that Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the living God, and other terms of the like are their God; however, your words mean nothing if your actions can’t back them up. If you say that God is indeed God, then that means that you esteem and worship Him more than you do anything else—you idolize Him. That’s the word that so many of us don’t seem to understand fully. Because the word idolize has become a word that so many of us try to steer clear of due to its strong connection to what we’re not supposed to do (have any other idols before God), we don’t associate it with what we are supposed to do.

To idolize means to admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively. Idolatry has a similar meaning: extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone. We spend so much time trying not to idolize anything in fear of putting something above God that we don’t even love and admire God the way we should. Even with all of that trying, so many of us seem to fall short and fail at not making idols above God because distractions that keep us from seeing God run rampant in this day and time. The internet, cell phones, video games, movies, politics, celebrities, and all of those mind-numbing, pointless things are nothing but distractions that keep us from seeing, worshipping, and idolizing God the way we should. When we begin to admire and love those distractions, they become our idols.

Aside from all of those aforementioned distractions, there are still more. For some of us, we idolize the church building more than we do the God that is supposed to be living in it. When we’re concerned about the color of the carpet and whether or not the air conditioning is on more than we are the God we are supposed to serve, we are esteeming the carpet and air conditioning over God and allowing them to become our idols.

Distractions become our idols, and our idols become our gods. The “god” of our life is what we center our entire life around. We worship it, can’t go a day without it, love it more than anything else, and allow it to dictate the way we live our lives. Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if God told you to go somewhere that didn’t have internet connection or cellphone service? If you said you wouldn’t go, then the internet and your cell phone is your god. Do you leave church service early simply because your phone died or because your favorite television show is supposed to come on? If you do, is God really your God, or are you allowing inanimate objects to take what is supposed to be His place in your life? There are several other examples I could use, but the point remains the same: when you deem something as more important than God, you are idolizing it over God, and that keeps Him from being the God of your life.

He’s not your God if you love and worship something or someone more than you do Him, nor is He your Lord if you’re allowing something or someone else to guide and lead you. The truth is this: you’re going to allow whatever you love more determine your next step in life. If your phone dies at church and you leave, then you love your phone more because you feel like you can’t go without it. If your phone dies and you stay, then you love God more because you feel like you would rather be with Him.

The solution to preventing pointless things from becoming our idols and gods is simple: we allow God to take His rightful place in our lives. We make the conscious decision to choose Him over anything else. We idolize Him, His word, and His promises more than anything else. Although it may not always be easy, choosing Him will always be worth it. God has plans and promises for us that are nothing but good.

Everything else in this world will fade and cease to exist: cell phones, celebrities, even the internet and the world itself. However, God and His promises will always remain. Why choose to love something that has an expiration date and can’t even love you back more than the everlasting God that loves you so much, He already sent His only Son to die just so you could be free? What is more important to you: a man-made object or the God that made man? God has chosen you and loved from the beginning, but whether or not you love and idolize Him is your choice. God is and will always be God, but He has allowed you to make the decision of whether or not He will be your God. What will you choose? Who is your God?

Published by Amber Oglesby