There’s so much I want to write about, but I don’t know how to say it yet. So I guess I’ll just tell you about my day. I woke up about 10 and went to go get an oil change. I was there for about 3 hours!!! I don’t know the first thing about changing oil, but I probably could have googled it and got it done in less time. I asked the guy if I could come back and he said I’d lose my spot. Claims it’s illegal to set an appointment for an oil change. THAT’S A LAW? I LIVE DOWN THE STREET! Then he had the nerve to tell me my rear back tires are going bad and I need an alignment. OH WELL! Guess I’m riding this bitch till the wheels fall off.

When I got out of there I went to farm fresh and got some chicken. It’s funny how that’s a grocery store but I only go there for chicken & Starbucks. I went home and conversed with my Facebook friends and ShyTalk followers and learned a lot of my Facebook friends are ShyTalk followers. I tried to take a nap but everyone decided they wanted to call and text me. I had a friend that wanted me to come over at 3 and literally kept texting me until 2:36 telling me to get up. Then my mom says my sister needs to be to work at 5, but I need to pick her up from enterprise at 4:50. WTF!? My sister says she’ll be ready to leave for work at 4:20, but when I got home at 4:15, she’s washing dishes I asked her to wash HOURS before and she wasn’t even dressed. I was flying down Holland and independence trying to make sure I was on time for everything. I got to enterprise at 4:54 and my mother wasn’t there. She didn’t get there till about 5:15. Never again.

I then drove through Lynnhaven traffic to go see my “sperm donor” and we’re not even going to speak on that. Surprisingly it went well. He wasn’t on any bullshit, and it was nice to see a calm, non-confrontational side of him. When I last saw him, he admitted to lying to me basically our entire relationship and now when I’m with him that’s all I can think about. It sucks. I want to believe, actually, I don’t even want to believe the shit he tells me. I wish I could for the sake of my kids, but he had a chance to be real and honest with me and blew it.

 He wants to go to couple’s counseling, and I’m kind of considering it. If we don’t ever get back together, which I’m not expecting at all, maybe it’ll teach us how to deal with each other. He may be a shitty boyfriend, but he may be an amazing father. Who knows? He seems very interested in this pregnancy. Every time he sees my stomach his eyes light up. I remember the first time he saw me big, omg he couldn’t believe it. He brought a book, Dude you’re going to be a dad, or something like that. When I’m with him he tries to feed me. Before I left he told me he was going to buy groceries and we can take turns making each other dinner, lol. I wish he would cook for me, I love his cooking. He’s trying, I’ll give him that.

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