The face can easily hide the sagging of the skin, but the neck can’t. You can use skin firming creams and fillers to hide the sagging skin on your face, but not the skin on your neck. It is easy to notice the bands, creases and slackened skin located under the chin; if you notice this kind of sagging, you are already a good candidate for a neck lift. The only way to go around aging neck is to perform a neck lift surgery.

Most candidate of a neck lift surgery range between the ages 35-70 years and they want to reduce their aging signs. This procedure can be done on any adult who is in good health. Candidates of this procedure desire to tighten and smoothen their necks and they are realistic about their expectations of the procedure. But if you have an active medical condition like diabetes or asthma, a neck lift surgery may bring about some medical issues.

When you have a double chin

When you start to gain weight, you can easily have a double chin or an unattractive fullness below the chin. Although this is true, there are several factors that can contribute to the formation of a double chin; aging and genetics.

Double chins are more or less formed easily on individuals who have a weak chin or a short neck without considering if they are healthy. Additionally, as we get older, our skin tends to sag, and the double chin forms.

Although fat deposits are the primary contributors for the formation of a double chin, the restoration of a slim neck and a youthful look is dependent on neck liposuction. You can remove the fat in your neck permanently using neck liposuction to have a naturally youthful, delicate and simple neckline. But if the elasticity of your skin is no more, then the only way to remove excess skin or to tighten your skin is to go through a neck lift surgery.

When you want to fix a poorly defined jawline

The face is usually fuller when we are young, and as we age, the cheeks lose their volume, and the jawline takes a trapezoidal shape because of the sagging that takes place. This is the beginning of jowls.

To restore a poorly defined jawline, you don’t necessarily need to undergo a neck lift surgery; you can go for a neck lift and a lower facelift surgery to achieve this objective. The reason as to why the combination of these procedures is necessary is because the jowl area needs a facelift for it to be lifted.

When you want to fix a Turkey Neck

Just like the skin on the face, the neck cannot escape the gravitational effects and the collagen breakdown that occurs as you age. The neck skin sags as you age and the muscles underneath weaken to form what is known as Wattles, or a turkey neck.

If you have a turkey neck, then a neck lift is the right procedure to cut off the excess skin and ensure that the loose muscles underneath are tightened.

When you want to fix vertical bands

Layers of fat essentially hide the neck muscles, and as you age, the barrier between the skin and the muscle decreases because of the reduction of fat. This is the process in which the vertical bands form on the neck.

Vertical bands are also known as platysmal bands; these bands are characterized by a thick rubber-band look that hands under the chin to the Adam's apple region. If you want to fix this, then a neck lift surgery will work well that will make the most changes on the vertical neck bands. 

A neck lift will tighten the underlying muscles, elevate the lower face, the neck skin, and re-drape the skin on the entire neck. Additionally, you can use regular Botox injections to relax the muscles responsible for creating the vertical bands on the neck.

When fixing creases and wrinkles

Neck creases and wrinkles are a result of the weakening of the muscles, the breakdown of collagen and the prolonged exposure to the sun. You can go for a neck lift surgery if you want to fix the appearance of the neck creases.

Alternatively, you can go for a non-invasive treatment called Ultherapy to smooth and lift the neck, the chin, and the decolletage. You won't get the same result as the neck lift, but it will reduce the creases and wrinkles on your neck in case you are not yet ready to go under the knife.

When you should NOT consider going for a neck lift surgery
There are other factors that can determine whether or not to go for a neck lift surgery. At Weber Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Weber can give you the best and most effective facial rejuvenation procedure that you need. A neck lift will only be recommended if you are a good candidate. 

The instances that a neck lift is not appropriate include:

When you don’t have neck skin laxity

When you have unrealistic goals from the neck lift surgery

When you are not planning to take time off for a good full recovery

We are also going to look at details about the surgery that will make the patients determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. 

The neck lift procedure is a procedure that is done on an outpatient plan so that patients can recover from home

The procedure can take a maximum of three hours to perform, and the results can last for more than ten years in some patients

The side effects of this procedure include pain, numbness, swelling and bruising

During the recovery of the patient, patients can take a couple of days to feel at ease as the results will be seen between 1-3 months.

At Weber Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Weber and his team can offer you the best advice on your candidacy for neck lift surgery. To book an appointment, you can contact Dr. Stephen Weber at (303) 792-2224

Published by Dawn Richard