I Iove Snoopy!  He is so confident about his life.  He tells it like it is, and he is one of my heroes!  And on a Monday, I applaud his coolness.  Sharing your truth with others gives you a chance to connect and expand in all parts of your life:  personal, professional, and emotional.  Most of the time you see Snoopy as a happy puppy, a little outspoken, but happy!  And many relate to him over generations.  

And today, especially in our professional lives, Snoopy would be comfortable with the current YouEconomy.  He lives the way he wants.  He does what he wants to do.  And he makes as much money as he wants, figuratively, I am sure his net worth in the Schulz kingdom is highest of most characters.  Snoopy is all about a YouEconomy!  

Snoopy had a sense of righteousness, Snoopy had control of his life.  And that is good.  It is a premise of happiness for me.  Being right in your own life, and being in control of your own life, is a basic path to happiness.  It is also a path to being purposeful.  It is a path to listening to our inner voice.  It is being on the path.  Snoopy had his own path; and I have my own path.  I guess you could say Snoopy has been a role model, and that makes me Happy!

Published by Janice Marie