Okay so it's January and you're looking back at all of the great memories you had this holiday season...did you have time to have a cookie baking day? I sure didn't! With all of my scheduled holiday plans and get-togethers there just wasn't enough time. The good news for me is that my weekends slow way down starting in January, so I took this weekend and spent a day baking cookies. I just replaced Christmas designs with a cute winter theme. 

It turns out that having your cookie-baking day after Christmas and New Year's might actually be better for your health anyway. From mid-November through the rest of the year your days are already packed with enough sweets and heavy meals. So, incorporating your own sweets in that mix isn't helping you any. Feeling obligated to have a cookie-baking day in December can sometimes seem overwhelming with everything else going on, which leads to unwanted stress - not helping your overall health. 

That's why this year I let holiday stress settle and let myself get back into a regular routine of eating a balanced diet and exercising before I took on a day of baking. It was actually really relaxing because I didn't have anything planned for the weekend, so I decided to spend it baking. I'm super happy too because I now have homemade treats to enjoy for a couple of weeks. Baking this weekend also made me feel really good because it's less than 20 degrees where I live and having the oven on made me feel warm and cozy - a perfect feeling to have on the weekend! 

What do you think? Is it a good idea to postpone your cookie baking until after the holidays are over? 

Published by Laura C.