There are so many people to watch on YouTube and sometimes it can be hard to find someone entertaining to watch. I watch YouTube almost everyday and its a huge part of many peoples lives, most of the creators on YouTube influence the younger generations to do and understand a lot of things. This is why I think it is good to have good and respectful YouTubers advertised so here are some YouTubers I would love for your guys to check out!

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1. Alfie Deyes - This guys seems so down to earth in his videos and hes not only one of the first people I subscribed to but i honestly think he is one of the kindest people! He constantly reminds viewers and fans to be nice and respect everything around you, even if its just a little note in his video saying to pick up litter! He does so much charity work and does so much more he doesn't tell people about, this also shows hes a humble person.

2. Zoe Sugg - Zoe is Alfie's girlfriend and they are known as the power couple, Zalfie. Not only is Alfie a good person but so is Zoe. Zoe has struggled with anxiety since she was young and she uses this to help others, many of her viewers also struggle with anxiety and she uses her struggles to help them! She always battles through tough situations and this is an amazing message to spread to her viewers!

3. Hobbie Stuart - If you love cover singers, Hobbie is your man!  Hobbie seems like such a nice person from his videos and he almost always replies and interacts with his fans over twitter! He has also made a video in his house with 2 of his french fans which was so kind!

These are just a few of the inspirational YouTubers I could recommend for you to watch! I love watching them and I have done for many years!

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