For our first blog post we thought we'd introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us .... who are 'George and Shelly'?

Well, here we go ...... We are a married couple in our early 40's from Sydney, Australia.  We both love camping and cars and exploring our country.  We actually met years ago when Shelly took her old car in to the performance mechanical workshop that George managed at the time to get some work done! So yes, our love for cars is what brought us together in the beginning!

So now we spend our time working and saving for our next holiday!  We now own two 4WD's, when we upgraded a few years ago to a newer diesel model, we just couldn't get rid of the old Prado, so it's now Shelly's daily driver and our weekend bush basher, while the new one is used for our extended travels and holidays.

We have done extensive travels around Australia and love getting out of the cities and into the remote outback areas and really experiencing what our country has to offer.  There are so many amazing places to see across Australia, many that most people will never get to experience.  We feel privileged to be able to explore some of the areas that we have.  We would both prefer to see our own country rather than travel overseas, there is so much here to explore and hopefully we can share some of this with you.

We recently returned from our 2 month trip to Western Australia and rather than taking a tent this time we decided to purchase a camper trailer to take with us.  We absolutely love our new addition to the family!  Our little Cub Brumby is amazing, but more on that later!

We both love anything to do with 4WDing and camping, whether it be a day out playing on the beach or a drive through a forest or an extended holiday through the outback.  We also love sharing our adventures with our family and friends and all of our followers on social media, it's great to be able to blog and post on Facebook and Instagram and inspire others to get out there and visit some of these places.  Maybe we can inpire you aswell!

As for us personally, we live in Sydney and share our home with our two dogs, our snake, our frog, birds and fish .... yes, we have a mini zoo!  The animals do make it hard when we want to travel, but we couldn't live a life without pets.

Anyway, that's a little about us, we are looking forward to sharing some of our experiences and our amazing country with all of you! 

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