There was a time when I had trouble falling asleep. I was troubling over what to do with my life. Stay the course or try another way? There were many factors at play in my mind, but I came to a conclusion in a bizarre way. I realized there was a moment before I slept when my soul surfaced in my consciousness and I knew whether I was a good person or a bad person. It’s those moments before sleep and death when truth is known and the questions and answers become simple.

George H W Bush gave us a Lifetime of Service and a speech about a Thousand Points of Light while carrying to the grave the secrets of Skull & Bones & how the CIA did/does its thing. JFK, Iran Contra, Al Qaeda and the Saudis were all touched by his life of service. A friend mentioned ‘vicious venality’ as the bloodstream beneath his patrician hide.

What were the moments of truth for Bush 41. Some of them probably differ from the memory Bush 43 expressed at the funeral. I don’t remember 41 as a benefit or a point of light drifting into the galaxy. I won’t remember 43 that way either. Waterboarding became an American interrogation method thanks to the Bush family and the CIA.

We know where the body is. Some of us claim to know where his spirit is. I don’t. Some of us knew him and some of us didn’t. But only George H W Bush really knew who he was. We are left to remember him. Our questions and answers will be as varied as those points of light in the sky Peggyy Noonan, his speechwriter, gave us to remember along with, “read my lips: no new taxes.”.


Published by Bill Snyder