If God's not driving your life.......He's likely not in the passenger seat either.

Creating a life for yourself......well, is just that......creating it for "yourself."  In this age of self-promotion, being #1 and the "You've earned or deserve it" mentality....isn't it odd that the rate of depression is higher than ever before.  The latest North American stats suggest that 1 in 3 people will experience some form of depression or mental health issue in their life time.  There is a lot of pressure to perform, to keep up and to stay in there once you think you have arrived.  This is all done for everyone else but God.  Don't be fooled by this counterfeit success or accomplishment that leaves you tired, feeling like you are losing the race or unsatisfied.

If God's not in it, you are on your own.  There may be some temporary satisfaction but it won't last long before you are calling on God to help you.


It is fine to be successful, so-long as you include God in your plans.  I don't mean that by telling God what you are going to do and expecting Him to bless it.  Talk over the desires you have with God and ask Him to guide you along the journey.  Like the mirrors on your car, check your motives for what you want to accomplish.  If there is going to be great mileage for the kingdom, God will likely fuel you up for the trip.

By letting God drive, your willingness to do something that positively influences others will become a seemingly effortless adventure!  Even when things go a bit sideways, you can surely count on God to steer you right back on the road to success!

With God as your Plan A, you have no use for a Plan B.  So pull over if God's not driving your life and jump into the passenger seat.  You will enjoy the journey much more!

Published by Dan Morand