Whenever I go driving somewhere I prefer to be the driver.  I feel more comfortable when I am the one in charge.  I can choose when to leave, the route to take and how fast to go.  There is also that feeling of security when I have my hands on the wheel.  If I’m the passenger I have no control and I don’t know what the driver is going to do.  On an airplane I have no choice.  It would be ridiculous for me to say to the pilot that I am more comfortable when I am in control and then asked him if I could fly the plane.

    Charles Stanley, in ‘In Touch’ magazine said “It’s impossible to be a disciple of Christ and still be in charge”.  Maybe that’s why many people balk at Christianity.  In John 12:26 Jesus says. “If any man serve me, let him follow me.” (KJV)  He does not want us in charge or out in front.  He wants us to follow while He is in charge.  Really, that should make us more comfortable.  It makes more sense for Him to be in control, the same way it makes more sense for a trained pilot to be in control of the airplane.

Published by Ray Richards