(Written on Women's Equality Day)

I have been married and I could change the channels (he wasn't interested in watching TV)... On the other hand, I only assume this phrase (on the photo) was written by a woman - maybe because I am one...or maybe because I am influenced by the common stereotype. The genre of the "ideal housewife" who gives everything - including herself - up, in favour of her beloved husband - and master...

That's what women meant to do! This is the "rule of thumb"...Are you actually familiar with the theory that this expression used to mean beating your wife with a stick no thicker than your thumb is all OK to educate them to do the housework well - or any reasons the husband would consider necessary! Lucky, these days are long gone! Interesting how women's role has evolved through history. Even though we are now equal, we are still considered more fragile than men - in this sense, somehow still a "little less"...

But this is in our favour, right? We like to be protected, we like when someone opens (or at least holds) the door for us, buys us flowers or pays for our drinks. This is what we want: fair treatment - not necessarily equality...It might be just me, though.

They say a girl's relationship to her Dad will determine her relationship and love life. I agree, because that's what you see: how your Dad treats you (and your Mum). Parents set up examples that you may want to follow or avoid. Growing up as the apple of my Daddy's eye (even having two elder brothers - being the "baby girl" of the family) must have lead to me being the "channel changing remote control girl" type...

I find it funny, how sometimes clever and attractive women are called "feminists" if they know what they want and labelled as "lesbians" when they stick to their guns - by fairly stupid and useless men, of course (who know nothing about how to handle a powerful lady)


Were you born with the ability to use your power?

As being a lady comes from acting like one, I think, it's something that you can learn. A "pretty clever pretty girl" sometimes needs to work harder to prove herself or (which is the easier way) look a little less attractive sometimes. Although, it's not fair on her...Remember, they say "you feel good if you look good". So, this is also something that you need to learn! Accepting and valuing your inner and outer qualities is the key that enables you to use your power.

You need to learn to be an intelligent good looking woman! You need to accept that this is "all OK"! For some reason, the new stereotype is "hot and brainy" equals with "single and lonely" - it can't be true! If so, there might be something wrong with the World and it really needs changing...So, here we go "single ladies", let's do it - while we have the (remote) control in our own capable hands.

Published by Kati(e) Mesfy