Borden Duffield loses his job on Wall Street and finds out he has terminal cancer all on the same day. With only a year to live Borden decides he is going to get rich by selling saffron, in turn securing his wife Helen's financial future.

This book is mainly a series of misadventures with amusing scenes involving Borden and his neighbour Hill. I found that the character of Borden sometimes comes across as brutish and rude. While it is clear that he loves his wife Helen, his attitude towards her did get on my nerves.

Borden does cause this crazy book to go in some odd directions. With side plots involving talking to dogs, the CIA, kidnapping, a government spy, and the added strangeness of the Amish and the Iranians. This book was like falling down a rabbit hole. While most of the side plots end up connecting with the main plot eventually, the ones that didn't left me frustrated.

While I found Samuel's writing easy to read and follow, I just found the story a little scattered. It seemed like there were too many different stories to be delved into and told. The fact that I couldn't really sympathise with Borden made it a little difficult to get invested in the story with all its twists and turns.

Samuel Mugginton is obviously a gifted writer, that much is evident in this novel. I will definitely look into some of his other works. But all in all Who's The Lucky Guy just wasn't for me.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker