I've always been a bookworm; I developed a love of reading from a very young age. One of the first memories I have (related to books) is my dad reading the Chronicles of Narnia to me at bedtime. Nowadays, you will always find a book in my handbag, or at the very least I will have one at home that I'm reading. 

This translates to travelling. Even when I used to go on holiday for a week, I'd pack at least 3 books to take with me. So why do I think books are a travel necessity?

They help you to escape everything

  • Yes, I know, I'm travelling—what in the world do I need to escape from? Well, right now, they're helping me escape the deathly boring and long tram journeys to work. 
  • Also, sometimes when you're travelling you still need time to yourself. When you're living in a hostel you're constantly surrounded by people, which is great, but it also means you end up wanting to steal away some time to yourself. In hostels it's not customary to be able to have a bath with candles, which is one of the things I like to do when I want to relax (one, candles aren't allowed in hostels, two, hostels don't usually have baths, and three, even if they do have baths you probably don't want to bathe in them!)

Sometimes you need some entertainment

  • Again, yes I know, I'm travelling—why would I need entertaining? Well, I'm travelling solo, and even though I think I'm a hoot, sometimes I get a little bored. Travelling doesn't mean you're always out and about (especially not with a budget like mine) so I have a lot of chill time where it helps to have a good book. Flashback to a day of just lying in the sun in a hammock in Port Douglas reading 'From Russia with love'.
  • I'm a beach baby; I love a good beach day. But again, if you're on your own, or even with someone, a whole day on the beach can get a little bit boring. This is where a good book comes in. Books don't overheat in the sun like phones (unless you're using a kindle, which I don't use because there's something about paper books that I just love).

They help you survive long-haul journeys

  • Long plane journeys, bus journeys or train journeys: the book is there to give you a helping hand to get through the tough times. I become a vegetable if I spend 24 hours just listening to music or watching films—I have to break the time up with a book (and sleep).
  • Plus, if you're travelling with someone who can easily sleep when on a plane or coach—I'm not one of those people—you might need some company. Or alternatively, if you have someone with you who is incredibly chatty and annoying on an eighteen hour coach ride—also not me—they'll probably stop once you pull out a book.

You need to make your brain work again

  • Sometimes you spend so long just travelling without working (sounds like bliss) your brain just kinda stops working. I've had breaks from work before and I've just gone back and been like 'well, my education at University has all gone out the window' because I can't even remember how to answer a phone professionally (not that I learned that at uni). Books help to stimulate your brain, depending on the type of book you're reading anyway! I love a good thriller where I can try and work out what's going on, but sometimes I need to take a break and read something funny or some good chick-lit; shout-out to Jill Mansell who always has my back with some good chick-lit.

So there it is, my reasons why a book makes a great travel companion. This is my first blog post on this site, so I hope whoever has actually read it, enjoyed it :)

Published by Rachael Porter