Most writers kick-start their career as a ghost writer. I did. I started off ghost writing in college as a part-time/summer job. Writing has always been my favorite thing to do even back in my school years. I enjoyed writing my travel diaries right from my 4th grade. But, ghost writing was a totally different story. As a blogger, I had the freedom to express, write my mind off and be known for my words. As a ghost writer, I had the freedom to experiment my writing style, to learn writing to serve different needs right from marketing & promotion to building subject knowledge among experts.

Why ghost writing disinterest writers?

A ghost writer can be a journalist, columnist, blogger, reviewer, author and what not?! The possibilities are endless. The only downside being not credited for all the hours of research, drafting and revising that went into a single piece of writing. You'll have to put up with not sharing but completely giving away your hardwork for somebody else to own. And, for a writer that could be the most challenging thing to do. We hold our works so dearly, we cut, delete and re-write but still we find it difficult to gave away ownership of our works any day. 

Why is ghost writing good for writers?

Ghost writing is a great way to learn the art of writing for different media, domains and needs. In the process, you'll discover your niche. You'll find the answers to questions that you've never asked. It can help you correct your mistakes without running the risk of being known. You can always own your blog/website to quench your thirst for words and freedom of expression on topics that interests you everyday. 

The nuances of ghost writing lies in not losing sight of yourself. Over the years you'll understand that you've gained immense skills and knowledge on diverse subjects which you could've not done otherwise. It also reflects on your own writing as you improve your scope for writing across different domains. You'll enjoy more job opportunities from which you can choose your heart's content. That's exactly how ghost writing pays off in the end.

My experience in ghost writing

In recent past, I've been ghost writing on insurance, telecom, e-commerce sites, education, tech events, etc. It has been a great experience; though I wasn't initially impressed about it in my early years. Have you been ghost writing? How did you find the experience? Waiting to read your replies!


Published by Shanmugathammal M