Medical marijuana is full of controversies but despite this, it has become highly popular among top athletes. Although its use is banned in sports now with growing awareness, many athletes are raising their voice against this ban. This is because many players believe that regular controlled dose of marijuana effectively helps in recovering from injuries and healing pain. Professional athletes use marijuana for many different reasons including better sleep and quick relief from pain. Some people also believe that marijuana or cannabis also acts as a performance-enhancing substance. Despite all this legal chaos, any player can get weed Orange County from a recognized medical marijuana dispensary Orange County.  Here are some top reasons why athletes are using medicinal marijuana.                             

1.    Eliminate Pre-Game Anxiety

No matter how much expertize a player has got in a sport, he always feels nervous when the big day of game come. When players feel nervous then their anxiety level goes up while decreasing their confidence level in a slight proportion.

This does not mean that getting a few doses of medical marijuana improves the game of players. But it definitely improves their chances of handling anxiety with great ease.

2.    Reduces Pain

The main reason behind the large use of marijuana among athletes is that it provides quick relief from pain. The consistent and high degree of pain among NFL players has become the biggest issue and hindrance in the success of game.

 To get a permanent solution from this pain, many leagues have started using cannabis on a regular basis. Although, according to medical research, marijuana helps in fighting inflammation which is the key source of pain. 

3.    Boost the Runner’s High

Runner’s high is basically a term used to describe the feeling when a player feels instant joy after finishing a run due to hormones rush. Marijuana basically acts like endorphins that help in easing pain and promoting joy generally after intense exercise.

To get the perfect and optimal boost, every player needs to understand his own unique body. Many players do experiments with the dose of marijuana and then achieve the optimal results.

4.    Improves Focus

Many athletes also believe that the right amount of marijuana dose also helps in improving focus. This helps them to take bigger risks in any game they play.

Also, this surprisingly amazing plant helps in eliminating fear while encouraging singular concentration on goal. Ultimately, marijuana or cannabis has become the prime source of attaining razor-sharp focus and skills for many sports players.

5.    Increased Bonding Between Teammates

It is a well-known fact that all cannabis users love to socialize and thus it ultimately creates a better bond between team players. Many coaches of sports team prefer to enjoy CBD with all the players of team to make them feel more comfortable with each other.

There is no doubt that a team with better understanding, connection, and bond with each other always gives its best. This has become the current main winning formula for many sports teams.

6.    Increases Your Endurance Level

Many distance runners relay heavily on the use of medical marijuana to improve their endurance level. The more miles runners run, the more they want to rely on the use of marijuana.

Especially, some of the intense competitors regularly use this herb to endure that unpleasant feeling and controls themselves from quitting.

7.    Victory Celebration

Finally, players also use marijuana as a joyous victory treat after winning a game. Many players also find that it is a great way to meet their fans after victory.

A few doses of cannabis are more than enough to fill a winner with an abundant amount of joy and happiness. This trend of using cannabis as a celebration treat is becoming highly popular among players.

Published by Zoe Sewell