How does one come to the decision to adopt? Why adopt when, right now, we have an amazing family!? There are many ways I could answer this question. So many details I can go into. But let me start with a simple post today introducing you to how our hearts found adoption.

“Coming full circle” is a phrase that is powerful in our story. It continues to come to mind every day. When I think about our story, our decision to adopt is bringing us “full circle”. We have spent the past 14 years working hard to create the amazing family we have. Building our family was not simple, in fact some may call the long road "difficult". But for us it is the only road we know.  It is our perfect story. I could not imagine it any other way, for we are the family we are because of the challenges placed at our feet.

As soon as we realized the roadblocks family-building was about to bring (14 years ago!), adoption was a topic we discussed.  Our hearts were both easily open to this idea. It was an option, it was considered.  And the best decision we made 14 years ago was to put that consideration aside. Because putting that decision aside and, instead, pursuing a long fight to conceive has led us to the three most amazing kiddos I could ever imagine.

But, "full circle" we have come.  And now the time is, not just right, the time is perfect for our family to grow by one more through adoption. Our decision to get here is based on many, many things. But knowing it is the time, knowing it is the "perfect time" has come to us easily.  Yes, we have had to consider many pieces before our heads could catch up to our hearts and we could officially dive in. We had to consider our children, our extended family, our finances and our home.  We had to consider the challenges adoption would bring, the emotions, the waiting, the unknown, the broken hearts and fear.

Published by Lisa Fitzgerald