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Today i will talk about Aloe Vera gel. The gel is obtained from Aloe Vera plant (obvious lol :p)

One can buy gel from the market or can even use directly from the plant.


[Patanjali aloevera gel in the picture]

There are absolutely no side effects of using it. With that being said, lets move to its benefits:

SKIN: Apply very little amount before makeup for the day or apply at night-massage it in skin till it dries(mainly for dark spots).

1. Natural sunscreen.

2. Fades any kind of dark pigmentation on skin such as acne marks.

3. Helps minimise pores.

4. Decreases wrinkles.

5.Get rid of pimples/acne.

HAIR: Helps reduce frizz and hold styling(straightning or curling) for longer time span. Apply pea size amount on damp hair before styling. You can also mix equal amounts of gel and water in a spray bottle and use it.

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