Leather skirts have been a staple piece in any modern woman’s wardrobe and it still stays there as a top pick when it comes to spicing out a simple look. You can achieve multiple leather skirt outfit ideas but you need to be creative a bit.

This type of skirt is very elegant, pretentious, yet at the same time, it’s versatile and easy to mix and match with so many other styles.

When we are talking about versatility, I’m thinking of the classic pencil skirt, right above the knee length  and in black of course. From high heels to comfy sneakers or over the knee boots, there are tones of ways to pair this leather skirt up.

And then we ask ourselves, why is it so popular?

Simple! It has the right attitude without saying too much. You need a cool outfit but you don’t want to stand out immediately? Opt for a leather skirt and you surely will get noticed as a subtle yet very stylish person.

The popularity and versatility of the leather skirt makes you want to wear it at the office, at a cocktail party or a rock concert. So why not improvise an awesome day-to night look with this staple piece?

Here are some ideas on how to pair it up:

Wear a white shirt and stiletto heels for an office look. Casual Friday may not be too casual, but more sexy this time.

A rock inspired look could be easily achieved with a band top, mesh stocking and some biker boots. Don’t forget about the messy updo to top it off.

For a casual day out shopping, pick a loose top or T-shirt and some white sneakers like Superstars or classic All Stars and add a denim jacket just for a cool 80’s look.

If you need to go to a cocktail party, the leather skirt can save you this time too. A sexy lace top, leather pencil skirt, a crystal adorned belt, chandelier earrings and strappy sandals is all you need to make a statement! This cocktail outfit surely will make you stand out of the crowd.

So are you still wondering why is the leather skirt so popular? This is why! You can wear it in tones of different variations from simple day looks to fashionable evening outfits that look glamourous without much of an effort.

Published by scott jack