Hi lovelies. So today’s blog is going to be a bit different. I hope you guys like it.

Have you ever, ever in your life spoken to anybody with a psychological disorder? Maybe someone with depression, or an anxiety disorder, or maybe a schizophrenic? If you have, what was your first reaction when they told you about their problem? Were you shocked, were you scared of them, were you sympathetic towards them or were you empathic? You answers might differ, and in the first place, you might have not met anybody (according to you) with a psychological disorder. Now it isn’t that you really haven’t met anybody with a mental illness. There is a 99% chance that you have. However, the person might be shy in confessing his/her illness, or maybe they have no clue about the fact that they are suffering from a problem. Why is that? Why are there so many maybes? Why is nothing in the world of psychological disorders crystal clear? The only answer to all these questions is the stigma that follows psychological disorders. A mentally ill person is crazy according to the world. Not ill, but crazy. However, a person with a physical disorder is definitely just ill, and not crazy, not something to be made fun of or something to be isolated from the normal world. Why is there so much of difference in the approach towards the mind and the body? Why do people need to label a mentally ill person as ‘crazy’, and not just simply as someone who’s ill? Why are schizophrenics and bipolar treated as aliens and isolated from the normal functioning world? I don’t understand why it was such a big deal when Deepika Padukone came out and told the entire world that she went through a period of depression, however when Amitabh Bachchan got operated for his liver problem, it wasn’t such a big deal (in terms of him confessing his problem)?

Psychological disorders are as normal and as prone to happen as any physical disorder. People surfing from psychological disorders are human beings. No demon has possessed them. They are not out-castes. Yes, they are ill. But there is a cure to their illness, like there is to any other physical illness. They have doctors who specialize in this area of expertise, doctors who can treat these patients much better than any ojha or pandit can. These doctors are called psychologists and psychiatrists. They are not astrologers. They are learned people in the field of psychology and whatever they say, has a scientific basis. So please, stop creating wrong judgments and stigmas towards psychological disorders and towards people living with them. Let their strength over-rule their disease. Let positivity and good knowledge heal them. Let them be comfortable and let them allow themselves to heal

Published by Prakriti Sharda