One thing I find myself doing at almost any given moment, is writing things down. Whether its an address, a grocery list, or some ridiculous and incomprehensible idea that I came up with while using a public restroom. No matter what, I carry a pen and a notebook with me every where I go. On the occasion that I forget one of those tools, I have a semi breakdown in my head where I run through the list of potential code reds. "What if I come up with the next best seller?" "What if I finally come up with an ending to that story??" "What if Natalie Portman needs to borrow a pen?!". Needless to say I haven't actually encountered any of these in a serious capacity. Although that last one feels very possible.

When I was younger it all seemed so much simpler. I would sit in class and jot down ideas and stories, and just play around with it. Now that I'm an adult with real life concerns like bills, rent and buying food to feed my family. I have found I need something more. That isn't to say that I don't still get the same childlike joy from writing a story, its just that in order to mature both myself and my writing, I've had to make some concessions.

Heres the details. I run my own personal website ( as well as do free-lance writing work such as article writing, ghost writing, and a vast amount of other odd jobs. This is in addition to a full time job at a cafe (typical, I know). Although heres the thing, it hasn't changed my desires. I still want to be a published author, I still dream of worlds and give life to characters at any given moment. I think that in itself is a good sign.

I'm telling you this because for years I asked myself "Why be a writer?" and couldn't come up with the answer. Now, I know the answer. Because I'm good at it. Whether or not you personally agree with that statement, I believe it, and thats whats key in my abilities growing and realizing my dreams. Tell yourself that, about whatever it is you do. Writing or not, if you love it and believe in it, then let yourself be proud of you. You'll go farther than you've ever gone, and soon you wont have to convince yourself of anything. 

Create. Love. Be weird.

Published by Zac Crampton