Why do you always have to be the hero?

The one who saves the pretty girl. The one who protects the weak and defends those whom can't defend themselves. Why? Why go through all that trouble for no real reward.

The only thing you end up feeling is pain. The bitter betrayal of a good deed forgotten. The scars from a stray bullet. The knife stuck in your back from those people who just expects more and more. When you know damn well there's nothing more you can give. There's only so much you can do.

Why is it the silence doesn't raise concern? Why is it ignored and dismissed? Why is it often interpreted as being abandoned? The stoic get forgotten because they hide themselves so well. But those that are emotional and sporadic are always rushed towards. They are the crying baby while you're just a dying flower.

Why is it your absence doesn't raise concern? Does the ripple not exist if no sees it? If no one feels it? If your courage is disguised as humbleness does anyone truly see the strength of character? No. They don't. They only appear to see whatever they want. They look but do not see. They listen but do not understand.

It is the hero's curse to both see and feel. To understand and try to implement change. To absorb the struggle of others and feel obligated to fix it. Even when there are times when there's no solution. There is no fix. You struggle for nothing. You hurt for no one. Why do you want to be the hero? Why do you play by the rules?

Published by Brian Argetsinger