In light of recent news and headlines, I have decided to make this post in homage to the black men who have died by the hands of evil police officers, and to the police officers who have died by the hands of evil civilians.

Both acts of violence have been, and are being committed by the same evil.

We are not at war with each other. I repeat, WE ARE NOT AT WAR with one another.

I represent peace, and my reasons for writing this post are not meant to shove an initiative of black lives matter  down your throats. This post is simply to enlighten those of you who are confused or uneducated about what "Black Lives Matter" really means and what it actually stands for.

The term Black Lives Matter was not created to divide or section off one community from the other. The term was created and is used to bring awareness to the ever occurring issue that still lies prevalent in this country. That issue is that over the course of history in America, black lives, particularly the lives of young and adult black males, have not mattered. This issue has many proofs of evidence.

For further statistics I would recommend researching the online data that shows the proportion of arrests, traffic stopping, and killing of black people in America in comparison to the percentage of black Americans who represent the total American population. 

Many critics of this agenda argue that because many black artists, athletes, and business moguls have made a name for themselves and seem to have made it out the "ghetto", that there are no race issues in this country.

To look at a few people of one community who seem to be doing well and have "made it" but neglect the rest of the community who is obviously still being oppressed, mistreated, and unjustly killed is naive and blatantly ignorant.

Other critics of this movement argue that "black-on-black" crime is more of an issue than police crime against blacks. Statistics show that all killings within races are committed by the same race- typically someone of relation to the victim. There is no such thing as "black-on-black" crime. And if someone chooses to use this term in an argument then they should also speak against white-on-white crime and latino-on-latino crime. The term black-on-black crime is a myth and a strategy used to steer away from the real issue at hand. 

Is all violence terrible-yes. Is police brutality terrible-yes. Is the crime rate in this country terrible-yes. Are acts of violence within races terrible-yes. Is racism in this country terrible-yes. Do black lives matter-yes. Do all lives matter-yes. All of these statement are true and do matter. To pick out one issue from the array of issues in this country is only to spotlight that issue so it can be resolved. That is it. 

Statistics showing the disproportionate rate of police killing and incarceration of black men in this country are now being looked at and shown to the public. This is an issue that has been going on for years. The only difference between what is going on now and what has been going on throughout the course of history, is that now we have cellphone cameras to record it and social media to publish it.

Now we have technology that allows you to use social media outlets like Snapchat, Facebook, and Live stream to share images and video recordings to the whole world. 

Until this country deals with its race relations and handles its uncovered issues, this problem will continue to exist.

What we are seeing in American history at this pivotal moment in time is the fact that "what is done in the dark will come to the light."

We are seeing it, and seeing is believing. We as Americans cannot continue to act like what we are seeing and have been seeing is not true or that it is just going to go away without handling it.

If people in this country want Black Lives Matter to go away- then we need to start making black lives matter.



Thanks for reading. 



Published by Crystal Ngumezi