Living in the Philippines which is predominantly Christian, Buddhism is a religion that I have never truly understood. Most of the Chinese here who are Buddhist seems not to understand it also. What they know about it is clouded in tradition and rituals. Focusing a lot on prayers for good luck and materialism.

My interest in religion and spirituality started when I was a teenager because of my conflict with Christian religion and identity. I have found many answers in books that satisfied and got rid of my guilt from Jagad Guru, the first one that I have read that explains reincarnation and the danger of sensuality and the many books on channeling and new age that succeeded.

These books are wild, very imaginative but they could not be proven and much of the things that it said does not change your life anyways. There maybe an afterlife or a parallel universe but life on earth is still the same.

The school of Buddhism has many branches and lineage and I have very different feelings about it due to there traditions and diversity in practice. Many schools are clouded with controversy and politics also, just like any religion.

But what I love about Buddhism if you study it in it's pure teaching is that it's practical. It does not really focus on superstition or the after life. It is about being present and knowing the real causes of our suffering and how to transcend it.

Buddhism does not really offers answers on how to live your life. It only explains how life is, so for those who are so insecure about making decisions in life and always looking for answers in others maybe left confused.

So with this this intro I hope to share with you my journey in life and how Buddhism answers and not answers some of our life's problem.

Published by Chris Dela Cruz