Buying real estate can be quite a daunting task; you either get a place that ticks off on all your dream list at an exorbitant price or you get a place that is not in line with what you want. However if you want a place that is the right mix of secluded with just enough of a town vibe then Woodstock NY real estate is your go-to place. With farmland and lush dense forests as it is the backdrop of Catskill Mountains in south east of New York, Woodstock is teeming with nature encompassing wildlife, greenery, stunning scenery, lakes and hiking trails to sate the heart of any outdoorsperson.

A premier arts colony in Ulster County, it is not only known for its scenic beauty and serenity but also, for its attraction for famous names. For example, David Bowie was a real estate property owner in Woodstock owning 62 acres of property. Besides the quaint artistic vibe, there are plenty of amenities such as eclectic shops, theater production, dining places and restaurants among others allowing you to feel part of civilization though technically you are one with nature while lounging among these parts. Since it is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the housing market here is always of value and hence, acquiring Woodstock NY real estate is a great idea for art lovers, nature lovers, investors, homeowners or just about anyone looking to get establish a welcoming haven to escape stressful mundane living and achieve relaxation while enjoying some form of recreation

If the area and its rich history does not sway you, perhaps the gorgeous houses will. Woodstock NY real estate is composed of a wide range of styles ranging from magnificent mansions occupying several acres, ranch-style homes, cozy cabins, quaint cottages, artsy homes and other adorable themed, modern or uniquely styled houses with ranging affordability.

However regardless of the size and space of each home, they all share the same environment evident in Woodstock which consists of fresh air, lush trees and a natural ambience that is difficult to find anywhere else. Property owners also have the chance to own property that is not claustrophobic in nature but consisting of open spaces and relatively huge yards. This is a great deal seeing as you are only about 2 hours away from Manhattan. The artsy vibe attracts a lot of creative people who mingle during the many fairs held here and adding to the creative atmosphere.

While some time ago, Woodstock NY real estate was for high profile celebrities but now, the properties and homes are much more affordable and hence, ideal for all types of buyers even young people looking to own a slice of this incredible rural escape.

Published by Joseph Nicholls