This get away trip is already feeling like a great idea.  Today I went to a bridal shower.  It is crazy to think that at my age I am starting to go to events like this.  I feel so grown up.  As I showed up, I got to reconnect with old friends and catch up, but then, "oh no".  Two girls that I did not get along with showed up.  Of course, there couldn't be an event without some drama. These two girls did not like me and my friend because we "took attention away from them".  They thought I was trying to steal all of the athletes from the team we all worked for away from them.  Oh brother. *insert rolling eye emoji*. Story of my life, or anyones really.  I tried to ignore them and keep my distance because we were there to celebrate someone's special day, but nope, they had to come up to me and make snide remarks.  I tried to play it cool but it was hard.  

On, the plus side my instagram is taking off! I am working on building it and shaping it into a fashion and lifestyle picture blog.  Oh, and a cute boy followed me on instagram.  And he wasn't just cute, he was a NHL player for the Montreal Candiens.  

I am hoping the next few days go smooth before I head back to Los Angeles.  I have to watch Warriors game 7 and celebrate father's day, but after that I will be catching up with friends from home.  Everything sounds like it will go smooth but who knows.

Stay tuned!

Published by Lauren Emi