If you're going to date, why not date a traveler? Travelling is a rewarding, exhilarating and exciting hobby. A person who loves to travel loves adventure and everything that comes with it; happiness, fun, fear, challenges and troubles. A traveler is a person who never backs down on a challenge, has an open mind and never settle down in one place. 

Dating a traveler is going to be fun! Why not? Here are my reasons:

1. He/She is always up to anything. For a traveler, life is an adventure. He/She will take you to different places you've never been before, lets you experience new things and will bring you out of your comfort zones. In short, a traveler will never bore you and wont make you set on the couch for so long. They will always find a way to have a new adventure. They are always active and on the go. So if you want to feel alive again, date a traveler.

2. Spontaneous. A traveler is usually a spontaneous person. You will never know what comes next. They are fun and exciting to be with because they don't set specific date, time and place. They always make a sudden and spur of the moment decisions. So if you want someone who keeps you on your toes, date a traveler.

3. Independent souls. Travelers are free-spirited people. They love freedom. You can't keep them inside a box because they always have a thirst for new adventures. If you're a person who also values freedom and if being free is important to you, then you will find your match in a person who loves to travel.

4. Compassionate people. A traveler has an open mind. They understand the world more than anyone else because they've been to different places, experienced different cultures, talked to different kind of people and been through different situations. They understand how human nature works.

5. Knows who he/she is. A traveler is someone who knows and understands himself/herself. Being on difficult situations while traveling makes them realize who and what they are, their limitations and strengths. They know the things they can and can't do. So if you want to date someone who is sure of himself/herself, stable, and dependable, choose to date a traveler.

6. Smart. Excuse me for being harsh but seriously, who wants to date an idiot? I believe that travelers are smart people (most probably street-smart people) because they've "been there and done that". They can't be travelling to different places without basic knowledge and common sense. 

These are my reasons why I think dating a traveler is going to be fun and exciting. Let's support tourism and date a traveler. :) 


Published by Anabelle Suravilla