Today, research papers and essays make a substantial part of high school and college course works. Students are expected to write long, detailed dissertations on a variety of topics for different subjects. As multiple assignments are given by different subject professors, it can be difficult for them to keep track of everything – from the initial research to the final writing that it involves. While professors expect only the finest works from their students, the best dissertation takes a lot of effort and hard-work on the part of students.
Here’s a look at why dissertation writing is so hard and how students can find easier options.

Multiple Assignments to Work On

As mentioned above, students get assignments for all subjects that they are expected to submit within a stipulated time. It can be very difficult for students to start work on and keep track of all these assignments. Even if they take up one subject at a time, they may end up delaying assignments of other subjects, which will not look good in the final grades. So, what can students do at times like this?
They can take advantage of dissertation writing services where all they have to do is submit a brief at, support it with any guidelines, and then make a payment. Since only professional writers are employed in such writing websites, students can get their dissertations in time and submit it before the due date.
A Lot of Research

A dissertation is different from a general high school essay in terms of length, research, and arguments. Students are supposed to provide their own arguments on the topic they are writing about, make in-depth research, and write longer essays. All this may sound easier said than done because researching is a tedious process. Diving into a reservoir of online or offline data and segregating information that is relevant to the topic can be backbreaking. And the researching does not stop there. One has to create arguments from this, think from different angles, jot down important points, and then finally get to writing.
Researching is a lot of work regardless of what the topic is. And the best way to take care of this hardship is to hire a thesis writer. Professional academic writers already know where to look at while researching and can deliver the work in less time for a reasonable price.

Writer’s Block

A lot of times students find themselves in a writer’s block in the middle of a dissertation writing process. While research has already been carried out, the words just don’t come, affecting their productivity. It is a known and common issue that mars students across the globe. Considered one of the most common causes that affect writers in the world, writer’s block is a serious issue that can only be rectified by taking some time off.
If students experience such type of scenario, the best solution is to stop what they are doing and concentrate on a totally different project. For example, if they are writing a dissertation on the subject of biology, they can pause it for a while and work on another project that does not require much brain activity. After some time (a few days), they can come back to the dissertation and resume where they left off. It should be noted that if time is of the essence, then students can choose the option of seeking help from any online dissertation service.


In this digital age where we are always connected through to device or another, it can be very difficult to concentrate. Dissertation writing is such an activity that requires the author to have full focus, especially during the writing period. 
Smartphone apps and games, social media sites, push notifications of virtually every single web service, and videos and GIFs are some of the most common elements that pose as distractions to school and college students. Engaging in dissertation writing activity while one is using Facebook is not ideal, as it can affect the quality of the final essay.
What students can do to avoid such distractions is to switch off their smartphone and social media sites for the specific time period while they are working. It can be an hour or two depending upon the task at hand, which can aid in faster completion.

The first thing is to understand that writing a dissertation is a process and it takes a lot of efforts to complete and refine it. Not taking it as a light exercise is the first step that students can take to ensure that their assignments are completed on time. Plus, taking external dissertation help can also come in handy.

Published by James Porter