i am in all respects a simple being.  always have been and always will be.  several years ago i began blogging in a haphazard way, and then i began blogging almost every day.  it is addictive, and it is my personal meditation which is reflected in the graphic above:  begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life.”  for me, that is the simplicity of it all.  when i began blogging, the meaning of it all was unclear.  today, it is how i live my life.  yes, i know what is happening for months and weeks ahead, but the act of living is anew each day.  and it begins with a conscious effort at wonderful sleep.  i learned many years ago that sleep was my foundation, but i never ever got all the sleep i needed.  today, it does not matter why any more; it just is a major priority now.  i know what i need.  i attempt to provide my body with what it needs every day.  i eat very well, most days.  when i do not, it is because i have a personal rebellion occurring that day but i get back on track and continue.  yes, i meditate besides writing the blog.  and that, too, provides the foundation for my mental and spiritual life.  it all adds up to seeking happiness in every moment.  it does not just happen; i have to work at it.  but the work has paid off over the last 20 years.  it has been one learning step after another, and i know i still have much to do to continue living in a state of happiness.  it now takes quite a bit to throw me off course.  and it is rare that happens.  

so, why do i blog?  first, it is to keep me on track, to clear my head in the morning, to get rid of anything that might be out of kilter on my path to happiness.  it may also be a way to celebrate good things; and happiness is a good thing, a god thing.  yes, i am very spiritual following being very Catholic, then very nondenominational.  but the god thing is only a building block, my spirituality has developed as i have developed a firm sense of understanding who i am and what i am here to do.  that is why i blog.  yes, i have clients and i have many women i reach out to through networking groups, but i cannot talk with everyone personally.  i cannot share how hard and yet how simple it has been to become happy; and yet i see so many men and women today who are not happy and do not have a sense of what makes them happy.  that is why i blog.  i am a human being, a simple human being, who arrived on this earth like everyone else and then became disenchanted through a dysfunctional family life.  i wanted to have a different life.  i wanted to be happy.

so, now i am happy and becoming happier each day along with the sadness that can still occur.  i am constantly learning through wise folks who have come before me and are also my peers today.  i learn from all and i hope they learn a little something from me.  that is why i blog.  yes, i watch my numbers in blogging, but it is not my main goal.  i am always interested in an anonymous way to know what makes people push the “follow” button.  but it ends there and i am glad i touched someone.  i blog because it appears to be a part of my journey.  a journey that still has a long way to go.  i blog because i blog.

Published by Janice Marie