Now, supposedly the world was meant to end on the July 14 this year, that didn't happen, then it got pushed conveniently back to 29 July, again that didn't happen. But I don't need a Mayhan calendar to tell me it's all going to end, I just needed the announcement that Donald Trump could be the next President!

Time moves too fast. One minute the world seems to be running smoothly, and the next day everything can have changed.

Orlando, Paris, the rise of Trump...too many to name, but everything simply seems to be falling apart.

To make it clear, I don't intend to compare the awful tragedies that took place in the Orlando or Paris attacks with Donald Trump, simply to highlight how crazy and awful this world is becoming and how I am unable to comprehend the hate and darkness some people have inside them.

Can we not go back to a time when people thought rationally and there isn't an opportunity for Donald Trump to be President of the United States, a time perhaps when Britain actually wanted to be part of Europe.

I am filled with dread, filled with sadness and regret about how things are turning out, and I'm usually a pretty optimistic sort of guy, a glass half full of milk guy, every rainbow and all. 

Now, I hope common sense prevails and Hilary Clinton gets into the White House (I'm officially declaring my side), now I know I'm not a US Citizen but it still matters to me and many others. The UK and US have always been allies and I worry what could actually happen if Donald Trump wins.

Lets see, banning Muslims from entering the United States; building a new 'Great Wall' between the US and Mexico and forcing them to pay for it; and just the fact that he 'hangs' with Nigel Farage are all intelligent reasons not to vote for this man. Do these things seem like the actions and ideas of a rational person?

Please America, I beg and urge you to use your vote wisely and just think, can you trust this person to actually make the right choice when it comes to making one of the most important decisions a human has to make? Think not just about yourself, but all those people who will be implicated and affected by this one decision. 

Things happen that are completely out of our control in life, we can only use our voice to share our opinion and hope someone listens.


Published by Craig Barton