There's no secret that I love to travel, and especially staying in Jamaica. This is an original post from my own blog that you can find here. Hope you like it!

Jamaica is the one place that I fell in love with within a very short time of my stay. I had some expectations before I went, and I can honestly say that my experience of this beautiful island went even higher than my expectations.

For me it’s all the small things that adds up to a whole. I always find something new that makes me fall in love with the country all over again.
The best way for me to describe Jamaica in one word is colorful. It’s the turquoise ocean accompanied by the white sand of the beaches on one side, and then you have the lush green plants and trees on the other side. The houses are painted in every single colour you can imagine, and that is my favourite part. I love the Jamaican houses, and I have a dream that one day I can call one of those houses for my own home!


The people are just as colorful as the country itself. There are some pretty quirky personalities, but I don’t mind as I’m quirky myself. One of the things I always want to do on my travels is to hang out with the locals. Be it in town, in the ghetto, in the park, wherever. A stranger often becomes a friend in Jamaica, and it’s so rewarding.

Jamaicans are an incredible people! They are so warm, welcoming, helpful, blunt and fun! As I mostly recided in Kingston and passed several places daily I also got to know the people in my neighbourhood, as most of them always greeted me and I often stopped for a chat. After some time I was told that I was perfectly safe in the neighbourhood so walking around, even at night time, wasn’t a problem for me at all. More than often some of the neighbours, or even some friends I made in Half Way Tree followed me all the way to the gate of my home!
I don’t want to advice anyone to walk around alone or with strangers at night time though, take your precautions as you would anywhere else in the world!

It’s also important to keep in the back of your mind that there is poverty in Jamaica, and there are many incidents where some people might think that you are rich because you’re a tourist. Be aware and cautious of your surroundings, and the intentions of some people. I have experienced one bad thing. It happened on my very first day in Montego Bay where someone tried to thief my wallet out of my hands. It did startle me, but didn’t stop me in wanting to continue my adventure…


Oh…. and another favourite thing that always makes me happy in Jamaica. MUSIC. Wherever you go you will hear music.
On my first Sunday back in Jamaica this spring I took my blanket and pillow out on the veranda, layed down and listened to the gospel music playing all over the community. After a while it got replaced with the sweet reggae music Jamaica is known for… this is something I often think back on because it felt like being home in the real Jamaica, and it gives me the good feels!

In the streets there are people walking around with giant soundsystems blasting out the newest dancehall hits, maybe someone initiates a dancebattle too!
In the coasterbuses you can hear everything from dancehall to some old school ballades. I jumped on a coasterbus in Montego Bay heading for Kingston, a little sad because I didn’t know when I was gonna see my friend again…. and the track was Mariah Carey – Hero. Yes…. I had to chuckle of that one as I sat in my seat, sad and staring out the window!

Whenever I hear a track from Jamaica I almost always get drawn back to a place, a happening, a person or anything else that reminds me of the beautiful little island. No wonder I play dancehall music so much!


And then there’s the food. Especially the fresh fruits! I love food, but the heat in Kingston doesn’t do much for my appetite at all. That’s why I love that I can just walk out in the streets and buy fresh fruits from a streetvendor!
Mango, soursop, watermelon, pineapple, plums, Jamaican apples… oh, it makes my mouth run just thinking about all of it. I seldom eat any exotic fruits here in Norway, because in comparisation with the fruits in Jamaica it doesn’t taste anything at all.

And then there is ital food. Ital is from the rastafarian movement, and it’s food that is vegeterian and it should be pure and natural, so no additives or presarvatives. I’m not a vegeterian, but mostly base my diet around vegeterian food and I loved eating ital food.
There is alot of chicken in Jamaica though, I’m probably not gonna eat chicken again in a year…. or until the next time I’m around in Jamaica.

The best advice I can give is to go to the small kitchens or restaurants that you otherwise would avoid, they have the best food and it’s really cheap! I also bought stew beef from a guy that sold it in the streets near HWT transportation center, and that is the best stew beef I’ve ever had. Also the soups you get on the streets are awesome!
And of course jerk chicken or soup from a vendor outside of the streetparties is a must! Gotta refill that energy after dancing the night away!πŸ˜‰

italfoodVeggie chunks, ackee, steamed veggies, callaloo, rice and peas. Of course accompanied by a bottle of Ting!

Talking about dancing the nights away….. there is no party like the ones you find in Kingston. Of course it depends on what music you like, and you can find anything you desire!
As for me, I like the dancehall. I love watching all the dancers showing off their crews steps, everyone just going at it doing the breadfruit or the ladies whining up and bruking out to tracks from Konshens or Aidonia. The vibes are mad crazy and I love it all!

Another thing about going out in Kingston… you are likely to see or meet celebrities at the parties. I was at the same parties at Damian Marley, Beenieman, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps, Konshens, Chi Ching Ching and Richie Stephens to mention some. Several of the Marley brothers also passed me at Bounty Killers birthday party… i was too starstruck to even function at that point.
They’re just out having fun, maybe even performing. I’m too shy and don’t want to bother them, that’s why there’s a lack of evidence on my sights! Except for Konshens, wich was my ultimate goal to meet while I was there!

konshensBad quality as my camera was about to stop acting normal. But it’s a pic with Konshens, I don’t care about the quality! Haha!

I could probably go on and on about my love for this beautiful country, and there will be more posts about it.
I just got a question from a lovely lady about my favourite things about Jamaica, so might as well share it with everyone that is interested!πŸ™‚ And if anyone has questions about anything, please let me know!

Published by Therese Normann Orkelbog