It pains me to say, that today the society is spoiled with attention, choices and opportunities. People forget that these opportunities, choices and attention is not a given to everyone. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures and countries and not all of us are exposed to the same opportunities. We tend to forget that in developing and less developed countries, people have no access to clean water and dream of a proper meal, whilst we are showered with champagne and holidays by the beach. We tend to ignore the fact that most of us have gotten where we are in life due to hard work, patience and determination to succeed. What we have in life, is not a given and was worked for, so it should never be taken as a granted gift.

People that we meet in life, do not come into our lives by chance either, and we should appreciate each other and not forget the fact that one day a person can no longer be there. Family members are often taken for granted, as a given. Next time you think that your parents are not important or you speak rudely to your parent, just think about it, what if these are the last words spoken to each other? Unfortunately, no one lives forever, and our parents deserve so much more than a simple "thank you". They have given us the gift of life and have brought us up to go through life with faith and appreciation of the world. Do we really want to waste the little time that we have in this World being completely ignorant of everything and anything around us or spend what is left of life regretting our mistakes?

So, why do people take things for granted? Why not just be happy with what you get and enjoy the fact that we were given a life? 

I have done my share of traveling and here is the contrast that caught my eye, when I travelled from a more developed country to a lesser developed country:

Definition of Happiness: Happiness for developed countries is often measured in defined in materialistic manner. Take Switzerland for example: high salaries, high standards of living and highest levels of burn outs and depressions. Is it something you would expect? Let's look at Greece or Italy: countries in crisis, nothing to lose and desperately praying for help. Happiness in these countries is not even defined, it is simply found in the loving home of their families and in the laughter of the best friends, it is not searched for but is alive in people's hearts and minds. People have struggled and have gotten up after a fall, and learned that things in life come and go so easily, that one needs to take a moment and appreciate what they have.

Remember: you can go from a banker to a bankrupt in a blink of an eye!

Family: Family in the developed world is more of a secondary support system or sometimes not even, it may be just a group of people you occasionally visit. In lesser developed countries, family is everything. Honestly, I love that. No matter how complicated it may get in a family, people rely on each other and appreciate each other. Is that not a beautiful thing to have someone when you most needed and not just a friend but a person related to you by blood?

Love:  This is my favourite of all. Love -what does that mean to you? Think about it for a second. Can love be measured by the number of gifts from your significant other? Would you be upset if you just get a rose, or just a hug on your couple anniversary? Be honest with yourself when reading these questions. Personally, I'd be happy with a hug as long as the person that I love is spending his time with me. The more I think of it, the more I come to realise that not only love cannot be measured, but when you are in love with someone, you don't love them just for one reason. You fall in love because it's the person that makes you feel all happy and smiley and brings something special to your life. Just take a moment and think about it.

Money doesn't buy happiness and people do not live forever, so why do we take everything for granted knowing that in fact nothing in this World is just a given?

Published by Karina Saakyan