I'm going to cheat a bit for my first article, because I'm sharing something that I actually wrote for my personal blog about 2 months ago. I've thought about how I wanted to introduce myself on this platform and my mind just kept going back to that post, one that I titled "Why Do You Like Makeup So Much?". I originally wrote it as a way for me to share my passion with all of my readers and to encourage them to be themselves - fearlessly and unashamedly themselves. It just seems fitting to re-share that as my way of opening myself up to a new audience. So, why do I like makeup so much? Here's how I answered that question 2 months ago:


I was perusing social media for some makeup inspiration, as I am on holidays this week and plan on dedicating a lot of time to my blog. As I was scrolling through Instagram photos and catching up on YouTube videos, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of horrible comments being left on beauty gurus’ profiles. Everything from “you look fake” to “no amount of makeup can fix your ugly face”. Comments about women trying to “trick”men with makeup. I know this is nothing new – social media is pretty much a breeding ground for negativity and bullying – but it really got me thinking about the subject.


Now, I know that beauty gurus, makeup artists, etc. are not the only ones who receive “hate”. But for the purpose of this blog, that is the population I am referring to.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love makeup and that my dream is to one day build a career for myself in the beauty and cosmetics industry. I spend countless hours playing with makeup and researching new products/trends/techniques. Some nights I would much rather stay in and play with makeup than go out with my friends. Some mornings I wake up before work and I just feel like going full glam for no reason other than that I enjoy it. I am not afraid to step outside of the box and experiment. I’ve worn blue lipstick and put glitter on my eyelids. I’ve contoured my nose and over-lined the heck out of my lips, just because. And there’s no harm in that. Because guess what? It’s temporary.


I get asked all the time: “why do you like makeup so much?”. And my answer to that is this: Makeup is art. Makeup is self-expression. Makeup is an outlet for creativity. When I put makeup on my face, it’s not because I am insecure, or high maintenance, or want to impress anyone. It’s because nothing brings me more joy than being able to CREATE. Nothing frees my mind more that putting on some music, sitting down in front of my mirror, and letting my creativity take over. It’s more than just a hobby for me – it’s my passion. Some people choose writing, composing music, or playing sports. I choose this. And not everyone will understand that, but THAT’S OKAY. We are all different, and we all enjoy different things. We choose to present ourselves to the world in different ways. And that is something that should be celebrated, not condemned. We should encourage self-expression, not suppress it. Just take a minute to imagine a world where everyone looks the same, talks the same, and acts the same. I don’t know about you, but I sure as HECK would not want to be a part of that world. I wouldn’t survive a day!


So take the time to get to know others for who they are, not for what you see on the outside. Take the time to get to know their hearts and their minds – you just might be surprised! And most importantly, do what makes you happy. Because you only get one shot at life and what a waste it would be if you spent it trying to please others"


Published by Anna Jaworski