If you are the owner of a security agency, you might have got the recommendation of security guard insurance. Most of you might skip the insurance part as it will save your money and documentation, but you never acknowledge its importance until your security guards face any mis happening that might even cause death case.

Whether you have armed guards or not, both of them face different types of hurdles during their daily operations, and hence they should be insured against any harm or damage.

Now, most of you would be thinking, what are the problems that a security guard might face and can get a positive output from the insurance? Here are some real-life hazards:

General Liabilities:
 In most of the cases, whenever a security guard gets affected by nature and hence becomes unable to work further, there is a high need to support that guard. Having insurance will allow the guard to get some monetary support for the health treatment as well as family support. There are various situations in the guarding profession when the security guards interact with multiple health problems that cause a negative impact on their health, that can even conclude with a death. In such a case, it’s important to have insurance, that can work as a support for the family.

Professional Liabilities:
 In many cases, the security guards lose their job due to various reasons. In such a situation, there needs to be someone who can compensate for the efforts made by the security guards. Hence the insurance will take care of the guards in such a critical situation.

Permanent Disability:
 People working as a security guard since decades, might even face permanent disability in their body. As a result, they become incapable of getting monetary support for himself. Hence the insurance should opt if you want to ensure a healthy future ahead. Instead of crying and blaming your permanent disability, the insurance will support you and delivery you support from all possible aspects.

Death due to Attack:
 In some of the rare case, when your security guard laid his life to save the needy, the guard lost his life. But in this scenario, there needs to be someone who can take care of the security guards even when they are not any more over the globe. In many cases, even the security guard gets attached by the terrorists or other people that results in unnatural death. Here the insurance will provide financial support to the needy.

There are many more situations where there is a high demand for insurance, and hence the owner of the security guard must ensure their guards for adverse circumstances.

Undoubtedly, the cost of insurance on armed security guards is a bit more than unarmed guards, but in either case, insurance comes out to be a boon in the hour of need. So, whether you are the owner of an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard, you should always insure your guards and let them work with all their zeal and passion.

Published by Mudassar Ali