The regular weight of drywall is about 52 pound, that being said you know that manually lifting it to high places like ceiling and high walls is not an easy task to do. Using of lifts is recommended when working on drywall to:

  • Lessen The Need Of Manpower

When drywall is manually raised to ceiling, 5 people, or could be more, is needed. With drywall lifts, you only need 3, one manoeuvring the lift and the other 2 assisting the drywall as it is positioned on the ceiling.

  • It Makes The Job Easier

Definitely, no need to exert too much effort as the drywall can be raised easily using lifts. There is no energy exerted at all since it is mechanically operated.

  • Safer

Carrying heavy materials to higher places may cause injuries to people carrying or lifting them. Going out of balance or wrong lifting positions can cause danger to Workers, Lifts Can Keep Them Out Of Danger.

What To Look For Drywall Lifts?

Now you know that drywall lifts is beneficial, using this to raise drywall to high places is a must. Before you buy one in the market for your next project, you may want to consider the following first:

Reliable Brands

Always consider the brand when buying. Check on brands that are known in the market to ensure good buy. When choosing a brand, reputation is necessary. How well are they known in the industry manufacturing drywall lifts? How their customers rate their products? Are they satisfied?


The more features, the better. Check on features like:

  • Can it be folded for easier transportation?
  • Is it compact for easy storage?
  • Does it has steadfast brake for the purpose of stability holding or carrying drywall
  • Does it has wheels for easy manuevering?

Before you finally make a purchase, you have to ask as many questions as possible to ensure that your purchase will be satisfactory. The features should be good enough to provide you what you need.

Price (Affordability)

Do not focus just on the price tag alone, you have to make sure that the price and the quality of whatever it is you purchase, for this case drywall lift, should work hand on hand. You would never want to end up full of regrets since you buy the cheapest drywall lifter in the market.

Although, this you have to consider, not all the time, cheapest will give you poorer performance and vice versa. You have to be smart when considering the price of any products you will purchase, not limited to just drywall lift.

Drywall lift is highly beneficial to both residential and business projects. But despite its demand to construction, before you make a purchase, you have to do your homework. There are many brands around the market, which you can check on the website, see what they can offer and make sure that whatever you buy is enough to satisfy what you need, not just for your current project but in the future as well.

Published by Kaushal Shah