Why? why? Why do some people have the need to question people with gluten issues? Saying things like...ONLY 1 OUT 100 PEOPLE SHOULD AVOID GLUTEN DUE TO CELIAC, SO WHY IS GLUTEN FREE A FAD. And...THAT 21% OF THE POPULATION FOLLOW A GLUTEN FREE DIET AND 20% FOOLISHLY SO.  Aghhhh, and here is why I'm soooo disgusted.

Statements like, "But for those without the disease? Gluten does … well, nothing".

Well...that's actually not true.


One article in particular opened right up with...ONLY 1 out of 100 of us have Celiac. WELL..that's without taking into account that Celiac is grossly under diagnosed. I do believe it is becoming more and more realized which is the good news. It took me years to get properly diagnosed and I pursued proper medical care for years and years. It was only by chance and a holistic Doctor that I was properly diagnosed with Celiac. I believe there are more of "me" out there. Like I said it's only the properly diagnosed that fall into one percent of the population. It was only three years ago at age 47 that I was diagnosed. I went through most my life unaware of my Celiac and just did what was good for me. And, I wasn't playing around. I was seeing doctors for my stomach issues for well over 30 years. So saying things like fad or calling people foolish is just ignorance.

The article turned a blind eye on the gluten intolerant all together. A large and increasingly growing portion of our population that are being medically recognized as gluten intolerant. HELLO, what about them! None of that population is even mentioned in the article I read. Again, I predict this population to jump leaps and bounds if our food continues to be generically modified. So to say gluten-free diet folks are all about fad is a bit uneducated in itself.

The article refers to 21 percent of the population following a gluten-free diet and refers to 20 percent of us foolishly doing so. That's ridiculous since like I mentioned a number of us Celiac are not even properly diagnosed and a growing number of us are legitimately gluten intolerant. By my guesstimate more than half of those folks will ultimately legitimize a cause for a gluten-free lifestyle. I will go further to say that some of those folks who are trying a gluten-free diet are on a mission to correct some type of dietary intolerance or allergy that may or may not be gluten. But they are on that journey and hopefully will figure it out. Doctors don't always help with these issues the way we need. However, I am grateful that doctors are improving rapidly on this issue.

How can I not bring up the people who have IBS. They too remove or limit gluten from their diets to relieve a lot of the IBS symptoms. Educating those with IBS to follow a FODMAP DIET instead being totally gluten-free would benefit many IBS suffers. Instead articles like the one that angered me is just lumping them into some sort of fad diet craze. Yet  still, they need to eat low gluten diets.

Now, I realize you shouldn't be on a gluten-free diet if it's not necessary.  People shouldn't perceive gluten-free as a healthier diet unless it's specifically healthier and beneficial to you due to issues with gluten. We should realize that Celiac, gluten intolerance and IBS suffers all follow gluten-free or low gluten diets. That makes up a pretty good percentage of the population these days. For sure, more than 1 out of 100.

This is all so diminishing to those of us on that necessary gluten-free diet.

Thanks to the cavalier attitude like this article I have waiters assure me  menu items are GF BUT THEY ARE NOT.  I wish some of those people could be with me when my symptoms kick in, which could be a day later and go on for days. Things like extreme bathroom issues, paralyzing leg cramps, abdominal pains , joint pain and bloating are just some of my struggles due to gluten. So, it's real and affects more than just one percent of the population for sure, NOT just Celiac...duh.


We should be asking why do people perceive a gluten-free diet as healthy?

Why is it appealing to so many of us? Is it that they feel better and perhaps have a real issue with gluten or perhaps sugars or some other dietary problem. We should be getting the message out, if you feel healthier on a gluten-free diet to properly be checked out by a medical professional. Remember, I agree not to eliminate gluten if you don't have to. But, so many of us, not just that reported 1 in 100 of us, experience real symptoms due to ingesting gluten and/or So may other things these days.

Celiacs, the gluten intolerant and IBS suffers are all gluten shamed constantly. Please have more acceptance of us and guide those not properly informed. An article like one I read, while polite and somewhat informative just lends itself to lump anyone on a gluten-free diet to seem misguided or somewhat trite. For years Atkins, Paleo and others diets had us avoiding carbs. I think cutting a food group out with no legitimate cause is senseless. The gluten-free thing isn't a fad so much as a problem many of us are facing. People are reacting to gluten and we need to get these people under medical care to figure it all out. We also need to get the doctors to listen and have better awareness of these real dietary issues.

In my conclusion I'd like to make mention that even more people choose no/low gluten for so many issues  that I didn't rant about here. I stuck to the medically proven reasons people utilize a gluten-free life. However, so many people with arthritis, autoimmune and so on all claim that lowering or eliminating gluten makes them feel better. No science behind it just the fact they feel better. BETTER!  I don't doubt the claim, I just ask why?  We can help so many people by figuring this out. So, why?  Why not try to figure it out rather then shame anyone? We all have the right to feel better if possible. No?

If a person with bad knees chooses to get operated on rather than going to physical therapy and lose weight we don't think about attaching shame to them because it's their body and their personal decision. Stay out of the lives of people who make dietary choices based how they feel. Modern medicine in all it awesomeness has turned its back on so many of us, unless it's a pill. I say  ENOUGH!



Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.

Published by Cathyann Hennessy