It’s pretty hard to imagine our everyday lives in the summer without the AC. However, if you are not careful and if you don’t maintain your AC unit as per the manufacturer’s instructions, you may end up without your AC in the middle of the hottest part of the year.

Experts at Action AC suggest some of the most common reasons why this could happen, as well as what you can do about it. In some cases, you should be able to resolve the issue on your own, but if you ever feel like you are in over your head, make sure to contact professionals to help you.

The Refrigerant Is Running Low :


Your AC unit uses a chemical called a refrigerant to cool down your house. The way it does it is a bit complicated, but if you want to learn more about it, you can read this article.

However, what you really need to know is that this chemical helps cool down the air. And even though it is contained within a closed system and doesn’t get into direct contact with the air in your house, the amount of the refrigerant in your system can reduce. It can happen due to natural loss over time, or if there is a leak.

You will be able to notice something is wrong because your AC will run all the time in order to compensate for the diminished capabilities. You may also notice that there is ice forming on the outdoor unit. Ice forming is a clear sign that there is a leak and that you need a professional like to come in and repair it.

The Air Filter Needs Cleaning or Replacing :


One of the first things everyone learns about AC units is that the air filters need to be cleaned or replaced every month or so. However, not everyone is as meticulous and persistent.

However, if you refuse to do this simple task every month you aren’t doing yourself nor your AC unit any favors. The amount of dirt and dust collected by the filter in one month is quite significant. That means that you will be breathing a lot of the dust without even knowing it.

On the other hand, your air conditioner won’t thank you either; the flow of air through the filter is just enough to ensure that all the dirt is captured and doesn’t go through. If the filter is full of dirt, this air flow will be significantly reduced, making your AC run a lot harder to achieve the same effect. This can cause it to fail much sooner than you expect.

The Coils in the Condenser Are Dirty :


If you’ve read the article which tells you about the inner workings of the AC, you will know that the condenser coils are located in the outdoor unit and that they dissipate the heat from the refrigerant so it can be ready for another run through your house.

However, in order to maximize the surface area of the condenser, and make the heat transfer easier, the condenser is in a form of a grill. If the grill is dirty, the heat transfer with the outside air will be significantly compromised and, once again, your AC will need to work overtime to compensate.

If none of these is your problem, and your AC is still struggling to cool your home down, consult an expert because you may have more serious problems. One possibility is that your AC is too small to successfully cool down your home, or that you have more serious problems which will require some repairs.

Published by Arina Smith